The California Economy in Five Charts

A downside of having a real estate license is the periodic continuing education requirements. To answer the quiz and test questions correctly, one must periodically unlearn basic economics, ignore laughably inaccurate statements about being able to time the real estate market and pity home buyers who get stuck with an agent who actually quotes anything out of the "educational material" taught to future licensees.

The upside is that for $60 you get access to some interesting visual economic data. Here is a sample from Day 1:


Even in the most optimistic scenarios, we are probably in the 7th or 8th inning of our current economic expansion.


Or, put another way: Since 1976, unemployment has never been below 6.0% for more than three years. California ticked below in 2015.


Seven years into an historic housing boom in California, that 5% of homes are still underwater speaks to hard the market crashed and how loony lending was during the housing bubble of 2002-2006.


Buy a house? Nah, I'd rather rent and buy another car.


Income inequality in the US gets a lot of press ... the same trend is mirrored in California.