School is in Session ... Where are the Teachers?

School is back in session, but that doesn't mean there's a teacher in every classroom. According to the SF Chronicle, San Francisco public schools are short almost 40 teachers for the upcoming school year. 

An increase in resignations and a dearth of qualified applicants have led to teacher shortages not only in San Francisco but around the Bay Area. San Ramon Unified also started the year short instructors.

With enrollment in teacher credential programs dropping, school districts are increasingly having to fight for the few qualified teachers looking for work each year. The SF Business Times reports that some districts are offering up to $10,000 in signing bonuses for teachers with particularly needed skill sets. 

Districts throughout the Bay Area are scrambling to fill vacancies as sky-high housing costs and other more lucrative professional opportunities draw talent away from teaching. Coupled with baby boomer teachers retiring and many administrators are calling this the worst environment for hiring teachers they've ever seen.